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Marble Floor Polishing Service in Dubai, UAE

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PROFESSIONAL Marble Floor Grinding, Polishing and Crystallization Service

Formed from stones transformed under heat and pressure, marble comes in unique and beautiful patterns with different colours. This physical attribute, together with its durability, has made marble one of the most popular flooring materials for millennia. It has graced palaces, historic buildings and popular households. Coveted for its opulence, it’s no surprise that you’d choose marble flooring for your home or commercial building.

But what happens when your marble floor loses its shine? Alpha Cleaners & Floor Cares is here to give your Dubai property’s marble floor a good polishing.

Turn Your Marble Floors from Dull to Dazzling

Years of use and foot traffic will rob your marble floor of its shine. Unfortunately, a lacklustre marble floor doesn’t look as good as a shiny and polished one, especially if you frequently have visitors at your home or place of business.

ALPHA FLOOR Care’s marble floor polishing services in Dubai restore your floor to its former shine. In fact, once our team of stone floor cleaning and restoration specialists is done, your marble floors will look even better than it did in its original condition.

When you work with us, we’ll turn your marble floor from dull to dazzling through the following services:

  • Deep Cleaning and Sealing
  • Grinding and Resurfacing
  • Honing and Polishing
  • Sealing and Impregnating
  • Scratch and Stain Removal
  • Colour Enhancing

Choose from any of these services and your marble floors will once again be free from oily residue and surface stains, along with the stubborn dirt that makes your floor lose its lustre. We only use the best cleaning agents and equipment and our team is expertly trained in performing topnotch cleaning processes. All of these result in a crystal worthy polish.

Affordable, customisable and guaranteed professional, ALPHA Floor Care’s polishing service will turn your marble floor from dull to dazzling.

Ready to give your marble floors a Crystal makeover? Contact us today on 050 1928557 or 04 2546128; we at ALPHA Floor Care would love to hear from you.

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