Our professional cleaning specialists are experts in removing the toughest stains and deepest dirt. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just clean the surface! Our Steam cleaning is comprehensive, effective and safe with prices that are hard to beat.

We pride ourselves on offering a same-day steam cleaning service*, when you need professional cleaners who guarantee to get the job done right at a cost that won’t blow your budget. Steam cleaning, as opposed to dry cleaning digs deep to remove germs, dirt and odours.

Our products are pet friendly, child safe and eco-friendly. We use biodegradable products, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your family and workplace. Rest assured there are no hidden costs, and what you are quoted on arrival is what you will pay upon completion.

Scope of Work for Cleaning Service

  • Kitchen & bathrooms deep steam cleaning
  • Kitchen refrigerator & oven cleaning
  • Windows, Frames & Glass Cleaning
  • All Wooden Cabinets, Cupboards & Doors Cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing & tiles grout cleaning by machine
  • Floor mop & disinfection
  • Balcony & Car perking pressure wash
  • Pool area cleaning by machine
  • Team will perform additional job (if require)

Our Steam Carpet Cleaning

Upon arrival to your property, our carpet cleaning specialists will assess your carpet and determine their approach to cleaning your carpet. For regular stains and soiling we will apply a pre-spray shampoo with active ingredients to loosen the dirt and stain, which assists in the final outcome.

To target specific and heavy stains will apply one of our specialised products before steam cleaning your carpets for a deeper clean.

Our Steam Cleaning Method

The best steam cleaning method around, Hot Water Extraction. Hot Water Extraction is a deep and thorough clean which not only improves the appearance of your carpet, yet removes the dirt and grime trapped in the carpet fibres.

Using a Hot Water Extraction method combined with Wizard’s state-of-the-art technology cleaning thoroughly. The powerful vacuum action of our machines sucks the water back up.


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Wall Painting Services for Apartment, Villa & House: New interior decoration in the way of new interior paint makes a big difference to one’s life! A good choice of color, the right texture, and a good painter will give you the opportunity to once again live and feel the freshness of your property. As they say, “there is no place like home”!

Interior wall painting is probably one of the main jobs that need to be in order for a calming and living quarter. Colour has either a positive or a negative effect on us. Your home, your work environment or the place you spend most of your time needs to help you to stay focused and in a positive mood all day long. It needs to be welcoming to do whatever you do in your environment. Read more..

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